Mini Ink Set - Japanese Tea set


Before Breakfast x TAG Stationery

From Kyoto to London, the distance is 9470km. The love of tea is what brings these two places together. Tea comes in many forms and is enjoyed in a number of different ways. This is also reflected in their understated yet distinct colour palette.

Sometimes tea stains are accidentally made by their cups, and leave a mark on the table. They are very much a subtle feature, and a part of our everyday lives.


Our inks are made by the same ink factory as 'Kyo-no-oto', literally translated as "sounds of the capital", are water-based inks made according to traditional dyeing techniques dating back to around 1000 years, when Kyoto was the capital of Japan and remained the case up until the 1800s.


01 Bancha 番茶 — The Kyoto “Everyday Tea”, as is the literal meaning of its name, has large leaves and unique smoky scent.

02 Karigane 雁ヶ音 — Made from the stems of only high-grade Gyokuro and sencha tea with sweet flavour and slightly bitter kick.

03 Gyokuro 玉露 — Known as the finest among the many Japanese teas, this is a luxurious green tea worthy of being called the “King of Teas”.

04 Matcha 抹茶 — A powdered tea traditionally used for tea ceremonies, with a dark green shade.

05 Sencha 煎茶 — A tea synonymous with any Japanese green tea, with grassy, sweet and mildly stringent flavour.

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